Passionate Race for the Cure Team Captains Make a Difference

Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey has a vision of a world without breast cancer. Komen plans on accomplishing this through research, education and screenings. All of this could not be possible without the help of our incredible team captains and their fundraising efforts during the annual Race for the Cure.

The 2017 Komen Central and South Jersey Race for the Cure will be held on Sunday, November 5 at Six Flags Great Adventure.

The Race raises significant funds for the breast cancer movement, from supporters and survivors in local communities who take action and make an impact by fundraising for the cause.

Three such individuals are Kelly Corby, Mindy Epstein and Karen Gumprecht; all are Race for the Cure team captains who show immense dedication, passion and support each year.

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Kelly Corby

Kelly Corby, Hamilton, NJ, is both a team captain and a top fundraiser for this event. She gets her best friends and family involved in her fundraising efforts. During the 2016 Race, Corby surpassed both her recruitment and fundraising goals. Team Corby had 48 members and raised nearly $2,500.

“It’s important for us [Corby family] to participate to help raise awareness, to spread the word and hopefully one day get closer to a cure,” said Corby. “The mission is important to me because we need to find a cure, we need to end this. Too many people around us are being diagnosed.”

Corby’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2016 and is currently undergoing treatment. However, this obstacle has only motivated Corby and her family to help others in the community, as well as advance breast cancer research on the national level.

“I became a Race team captain last year because my 11-year-old daughter wanted to organize a team to show support for her aunt. We created a team thinking both our families would walk, it morphed into something way bigger than we expected. It was amazing,” said Corby.

Although the family is new to participating in the Race for the Cure, they are very familiar with supporting and fundraising for the cause. Like many others, breast cancer runs in their family. Corby’s aunt and grandmother were both diagnosed when she was younger, making this cause very close to her heart. Because of her passion to see an end to breast cancer, Corby impressively began fundraising right out of college in the early 2000’s.

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Mindy Epstein

Mindy Epstein of East Windsor is another top fundraiser for Race. She and her team, Striders, raised nearly $2,000 during the 2016 Race.

Fundraising is crucial to the Komen mission, and opportunities for fundraising in local communities are everywhere. Epstein found this to be true when her community surprised her with their support.

“I have a fundraising container that I leave at the salon where I get my hair and nails done. The clients usually just put their donations in the container. Much to my surprise the salon held a fundraiser and gave the proceeds to me [my fundraising efforts],” said Epstein.

Getting involved is easy, fun and helps support the women and men in our communities. Epstein encourages everyone to register for the Race, enjoy the comradery and not to worry about the size of your team when starting out. Each year provides a chance for your team to grow.

“I participated in the Race with a friend for a while and we just decided to get a small group together. The small group has now turned into about 50 participants. We have runners, walkers and sleep-ins [virtual participants], we even have sponsors for Team shirts,” said Epstein.

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Karen Gumprecht

Millions of women enter the fight for their lives against breast cancer every year. Karen Gumprecht, Parlin, was one of them. Gumprecht was diagnosed with Stage II Grade 1 Ductal Carcinoma, and with the support of her husband, is now a survivor making a difference in her local communities.

After her experience with breast cancer, Gumprecht knew she needed to do something to help find a cure.

“I participate in the Race for the Cure because I believe there is strength in numbers and that together we will end this disease. It’s important for me to Race because I am blessed to be a survivor and today I am cancer free. I do the Race for the Cure so every woman and man can have the same chance,” said Gumprecht.

Gumprecht’s first Race was in 2015, and she has quickly become a top fundraiser. Gumprecht and her team, Sorority of Hope, raised nearly $4,000 in 2016, surpassing their original goal. However, Sorority of Hope does more than just fundraise.

“I believe my Team Sorority of Hope lets people know there is hope, and we believe we can spread hope through the good work we do,” said Gumprecht.

Team Sorority of Hope not only solicits donations from friends, family members and co-workers, Gumprecht and her team are planning a fun and creative way to fundraise for the 2017 Race.

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“My team will be selling raffle tickets through the entire event until Race day, when we will pull the winning ticket for a breast cancer themed quilt. I am very proud and excited about this quilt raffle, as the quilt is being made by a personal friend who is a 25 year breast cancer survivor. I hope the person who wins this quilt is wrapped with comfort, hope and strength for many, many years,” Gumprecht explained. To learn more about purchasing tickets for this quilt, please contact Gumprecht at:

Join these three incredible women and their inspiring teams at this year’s Race for the Cure. Register, fundraise or donate to your favorite team:

“If your heart is telling you to join, then join; the rest will fall into place!” said Gumprecht.

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Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent & cure breast cancer.

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