MORE THAN PINK Walk Committee Co-Chairs Leading the Way for a Meaningful, Memorable and Exciting Event

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Scott Present and Janet Marzocca, MORE THAN PINK Walk Committee Co-Chairs

As two longtime volunteers of Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey, Janet Marzocca and Scott Present go above and beyond in their roles, working side-by-side with staff, survivors, other volunteers and donors to make our annual walk event special, memorable and meaningful.

“I have been privileged to work with so many wonderful, caring people who work at or volunteer for Komen,” said Janet. “From survivors to co-survivors, and volunteers who have lost someone to those who just want to do something about breast cancer, they are the most dedicated group of individuals that I am proud to call my friends.”

This year, Komen CSNJ will be celebrating 25 years of making an impact in our communities with the inaugural MORE THAN PINK Walk, an event dedicated to raising funds and awareness, while celebrating survivorship and honoring those who have lost their battle with breast cancer. The MORE THAN PINK Walk is a fresh take on our Race for the Cure series, with a new look and experience that will energize our community around the life-saving work your support makes possible.

Janet and Scott will be taking the lead on driving this event’s success, helping to connect the community with Komen’s four pillars of impact — research, care, community and action. Their reason to come together for this year’s More Than Pink Walk as co-chairs is simple: they both are dedicated to end breast cancer forever.

Read on to learn more about why Janet and Scott get involved with our Affiliate each year, and how their leadership will make a difference in the lives of those impacted by breast cancer in our communities.

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Janet’s Journey

Janet Marzocca has been an integral part of Komen CSNJ’s annual walk since its early beginnings, raising funds and awareness that helped drive the fight against breast cancer in central and southern New Jersey.

Janet’s involvement in the breast cancer community started in 2004, when she and her friends were getting a group together to walk at Johnson Park in Jackson, NJ.

“I lost my Aunt Pat to breast cancer, and I thought getting involved would be a nice way to honor her memory,” said Janet. “I heard Nancy Healy [former executive director of Komen CSNJ] speak and I was hooked. We formed a committee and began to raise money for the Komen community.”

This committee did so for 10 years and raised over $100,000 for the Komen cause.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 herself, Janet felt even more empowered to take action. As a 13-year breast cancer survivor, Janet has been the perfect person to help lead the survivor tent experience since 2008, ensuring that survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer have a memorable and moving experience at Komen CSNJ’s annual walk event. She has been a source of knowledge and inspiration for other women and men going through their own journeys with breast cancer.

“You need to be your own advocate; research the doctors in your area, and ask people for recommendations,” said Janet. “Contact Komen for help if need be, and don’t be afraid to ask; you aren’t alone.”

To celebrate her commitment to Komen CSNJ’s mission, Janet will be the committee co-chair of this year’s More Than Pink Walk, and will be the chair of the new and improved survivor experience, called Hope Village.

“I hope all of the survivors and metastatic livers will come to the new Hope Village to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Komen CSNJ,” said Janet. “The More Than Pink Walk is going to be very special.”

Join Janet in the fight against breast cancer. DONATE to her MORE THAN PINK Walk fundraiser today!

Scott’s Story

Scott Present, founder of Xtreme Event Group of Manalapan, NJ, has been passionate about entertaining and volunteering since his early childhood, values instilled by his parents.

“It is remarkable how something as simple as music can truly bring people together,” said Scott.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, Scott has constantly looked for ways to give back to his community. Since being founded by Scott in 2004, Xtreme Event Group has donated countless hours of time, talent and resources to local organizations that stand for a cause, including Komen CSNJ.

“It is an honor to celebrate the most important day in someone’s life,” said Scott. “Supporting our community through giving has always been a cornerstone of our business.”

Scott first became involved with Komen CSNJ at its 2013 Race for the Cure event by providing music, and he wanted to help after hearing the stories of several close friends struggling with breast cancer. Since that time, his connection and contribution to the Komen cause has continued to grow, leading up to become the committee co-chair for this year’s MORE THAN PINK Walk.

“For me, the annual walk is one of my favorite events all year to provide entertainment for,” said Scott. “I am not only personally inspired by the thousands of survivors that attend, but I am also so humbled that my passion for entertaining truly helps to inspire and instill hope in so many people.”

Scott’s drive, ingenuity and passion as one of the MORE THAN PINK Walk’s leaders will ensure that Komen CSNJ can further its vision of a world without breast cancer — all while bringing survivors, co-survivors, volunteers, sponsors and donors together through the powers of music and inspiration.

“Over the last five years I have witnessed first-hand the impact that Komen CSNJ has on the community and countless lives the organization saves,” said Scott. “It is extremely rewarding to know that my efforts directly make a difference, and I am grateful for the strong partnership and friendship I have forged with the Komen team.”

Join Scott in the fight against breast cancer. DONATE to his MORE THAN PINK Walk fundraiser today!

With Janet and Scott leading the way for the exciting MORE THAN PINK Walk, participants, donors, sponsors and volunteers can expect a day filled with hope, celebration and promise.

Each year, these two work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to ensure an incredible day takes place each year, honoring the tradition set in place 25 years ago, while bringing forth new and exciting experiences.

Join Janet and Scott at this year’s MORE THAN PINK Walk and experience the excitement, energy and celebration. Visit and register today!

Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent & cure breast cancer.

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