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The MORE THAN PINK Walk on Sunday, November 4 at Six Flags Great Adventure is just around the corner — and we know many of our supporters and walkers are working hard to get ready for this event.

Before diving into exercise, it is crucial not to forget proper warm-up and stretching. Warming up and stretching may seem like a pain, but without doing so you may put yourself at risk for injuries such as muscle strains and pulls.

THE MAX Challenge has some warm-up tips for you to try before your next workout — and their team will be on site on event day in their beautiful limited edition breast cancer shirts!

Warming Up

Light aerobic exercise like a light jog, jump rope and jumping jacks, combined with some lower impact exercises such as squats and marching in place in between these exercises will help get the blood flowing to your extremities, and prepare you for a great workout.

The lower impact exercises in between the jogging and jumping will assist in not raising the heart rate too much, which you want to avoid during your warm up. Keep it to a short 3–4 minutes.

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Now that the body is fully warmed up, you are ready to stretch! Stretching is essential to prevent injuries, and keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy.

Stretch your upper body from arms to shoulders, to back and abdomen. Follow with lower body stretching of your legs, including your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and feet. Last, don’t forget your neck. Hold each stretch for 10–20 seconds. Keep the stretching to static stretches, these are ones where you do not bounce. Ballistic stretching or bouncing may cause injuries.

Depending on the type of activity you are about to engage in, you may need to focus on the parts of the body you intend to work and give it extra stretching. Your total stretch time should not be any less than 3 minutes for each muscle you work on.

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Priscilla McRae, THE MAX Challenge

Priscilla is a mother to three teenagers, and 12 years ago her crazy journey began when she came to the United States from Australia so her daughter would be able to receive a heart transplant. Little did they know that America was about to become their new home.

After Priscilla’s daughters health became stabilized, Priscilla found comfort in THE MAX Challenge, helping her take charge of her life back with healthy eating, daily exercise and a positive outlook on life for her and her children.

After gaining almost 80 lbs from the stress of her family’s situation, she managed to lose close to 70lbs through the ten week program and found a new love for fitness. She worked to become a MAX Certified instructor in order to pay it forward to others in similar situations to hers.

Fast forward 5 years and now she is running the Instructor Training program, at THE MAX Challenge, helping to change thousands of people’s lives. With her background in corporate training in human resources, and her passion for giving back to the community, she strives to continue to make a difference to everyone that crosses her path.

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Priscilla, Suzanne and The MAX Challenge crew!

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Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent & cure breast cancer.

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