Dr. Cohen is making an IMPACT.

Dr. Seth Cohen is one of the speakers at the Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey Virtual IMPACT Luncheon. As an oncologist, he wants to see patients get through treatment and go on to live full, productive, happy & healthy lives.

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Dr. Seth Cohen, M.D., is a board-certified internal medicine physician and medical oncologist who specializes in breast, colorectal and lung cancers; lymphomas; and genitourinary and gynecological malignancies. He serves as an attending physician at the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center at Monmouth Medical Center, where he is a principal investigator for numerous clinical trials related to various tumor types. Dr. Cohen is fellowship-trained in hematology and oncology with a subspecialty in pain and palliative care and has been practicing at Monmouth Hematology Oncology Associates since 2004. Dr. Cohen’s work has allowed him to “establish relationships with patients on a long term basis. And those relationships grow through the continuum of care, not just for a day or week, but for years. The relationships I have with my patients are very special because they allow me to get to know their needs and treat them.”

As one of the speakers at this year’s Virtual IMPACT Luncheon Dr. Cohen is excited to speak with the Komen CSNJ Community. “I enjoy the opportunity to speak to an audience — and not only educate the audience but also inspire the group to expand their knowledge about what resources are around them, here in NJ. I hope the information I share will empower them, or a loved one, to build and rely on the community around them and all the resources that are available.” Dr. Cohen works with patients but also finds research in the field of oncology incredibly interesting. “Another source of inspiration, in particular to breast cancer, is the explosion of knowledge on a molecular and chemotherapeutic levels.” When speaking with patients he reminds them how research is making a big impact in patient’s lives. “I use a couple of phrases a lot with my patients. To those who have early stage cancer, I tell them that this is a stumbling block and something to fight through and live on. But for those who have advanced stage breast cancer, I say “the longer you live, the greater change you have to live longer.” And what that means is that because there are always new drugs, treatments and therapies coming out — there are more options to help those battling breast cancer to live longer.”

Dr. Cohen has found that “in recent years, months and even in the past few days, there have been several new treatments for HER2 Neu Positive disease, which presents in about 1/3 of patients diagnosed with breast cancer in both early and late stages. In the 90’s we just had Herceptin but drugs that have followed may offer the potential to cure patients, giving them an opportunity to live long, happy lives.” Dr. Cohen’s main focus is making sure his patients not only survive but thrive after their diagnosis and he knows that furthering research in the field will ensure more people live full and happy lives.

“My patients are the brave ones. They’re fighting each day, taking the situation they are in and pushing. Watching their journey empowers me and gives me great excitement. As oncologists, we want to see our patients get through treatment and go on to live full, productive, happy & healthy lives. It’s amazing when someone is diagnosed with cancer — you can stick your head in the ground and ignore it but you can also make it into your life’s mission and inspire other people, embrace what has happened and build a community.”

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Click here to learn more about the Virtual IMPACT Luncheon and RSVP.

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