Dr. Ananian is making an IMPACT.

Dr. Christopher Ananian is one of the speakers at the Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey Virtual IMPACT Luncheon. His work in radiology as a Breast Imaging Specialist gives him the opportunity to work directly with patients and provide them with assistance in a field that can otherwise feel remote and isolated.

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Dr. Christopher L. Ananian, MD has been a member of Princeton Radiology and an attending physician at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center since July 2010. He is a member of several medical societies and professional organizations, including the Radiology Society of North America, American College of Radiology, and the American Medical Association. He also serves as co-chair on the executive committee for breast imaging for the Radiological Society of New Jersey. Dr. Ananian’s work gives him the opportunity “to directly interact with patients and provide them with assistance during a particularly difficult examination. Many women experience high levels of anxiety related to breast imaging and if I am able to provide some degree of comfort and reassurance, I am happy to do my part.”

As one of the speakers at this year’s Virtual IMPACT Luncheon, Dr. Ananian is excited to discuss women’s health. “I want women to know that they are their own best advocate for their breast health. I will be speaking specifically about breast imaging, and what every woman should know about her breast density and what that means in relation to a woman’s risk for breast cancer. In addition to breast density, it is also important to know about other risk factors that may contribute to breast cancer and what additional screening tests are recommended for a complete screening evaluation for breast disease.” He will also be explaining how “sometimes, a simple mammogram is insufficient for a complete breast screening and additional studies such as breast ultrasound or breast MRI might be necessary for an adequate evaluation.”

As a proud father of four kids who keep him busy with soccer and school activities, he knows how difficult it can be to schedule an appointment for yourself. However, “with the benefit of 3D mammography, these annual examinations are not only more comfortable, they provide improved detection and fewer false-positive call-back concerns,” which means less time spent in the doctors’ office. The improved accuracy provided by this technology is also important “for individuals who have already experienced breast cancer, for whom the thought of continued annual screening evaluations can be daunting and anxiety-laden”, which is why Dr. Ananian is excited to share more about this topic.

Dr. Ananian understands the anxiety that can come with any examination, and especially a breast exam, and he prides himself on the connections he is able to make with his patients. “I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with many of my patients during the breast evaluation process. They inspire me — many are understandably nervous and in need of support — others display unwavering strength and courage — in all cases, I do my best to provide them with excellent care, whether it is in the form of encouragement and reassurance with a negative evaluation, the comforting and patient explanation with an abnormal result, or the care and painless experience during a breast biopsy, I try my best to treat every patient with the respect and care I would give a close friend or family member.”

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Click here to learn more about the Virtual IMPACT Luncheon and RSVP.

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