Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is Oct. 16. Meet a Plastic Surgeon Looking to Raise Awareness About Breast Reconstruction Options.

Learn about breast reconstruction at the upcoming Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Breakfast with Dr. Michael Rose and The Plastic Surgery Center

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Less than 23 percent of breast cancer patients are aware of the breast reconstruction choices available to them after a mastectomy. At Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey, part of our mission is to educate and empower women to make the reconstruction decision that is best for them following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our upcoming Breast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness Day Breakfast, hosted with The Plastic Surgery Center, aims to accomplish this goal by connecting women in our communities to vital breast reconstruction information, services and expertise.

The event, to be held on October 16 at the Asbury Park Press building in Neptune, will host an engaging panel discussion led by four board-certified plastic surgeons. Breakfast and giveaways will be provided to those attending; for those that can’t make the event in person, livestreaming will be available with the ability to ask questions online.

Dr. Michael I. Rose is one of the event’s panel experts who is committed to raising awareness about breast reconstruction options. A double board-certified plastic surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Rose is skilled in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction, and is one of the few doctors who specialize in complex nerve decompression surgery for those suffering from all forms of neuropathy. He has been widely published in medical journals and featured in major local and national media.

Learn a little bit more about Dr. Rose’s passion for breast reconstruction in our Q+A — and check out a sneak preview of what is to come for this event in the video below.

Komen CSNJ: How did you get your start in plastic surgery and breast reconstruction? You name complex nerve decompression surgery as one of your specialties. Please expand on this.

Dr. Rose: I always wanted to be a doctor. During my medical school training I realized that surgery was my calling. That decision got further refined during my residency when I decided that plastic and reconstructive surgery was the surgical sub-specialty that I wanted to practice. As my career in plastic and reconstructive surgery unfolded, I found myself drawn towards women’s health and breast cancer reconstruction.

Another interest of mine is the surgical treatment of compression neuropathy. It’s definitely a niche area of surgical treatment. What’s great about it is that it’s another treatment I can offer my breast cancer patients if they are suffering from neuropathy after chemotherapy. Unfortunately, a small percentage of patients who receive chemotherapy suffer from permanent, disabling neuropathy which is numbness, tingling and pain in the fingers and toes. In a subset of these patients, I can do a short outpatient surgery that can significantly improve their symptoms.

Komen CSNJ: Are there any common myths regarding breast reconstruction you’d like to discuss or debunk?

Dr. Rose: One of the most common myths related to breast reconstruction is that the reconstruction can “hide“ a re-occurrence of the cancer and thus is dangerous. This turns out to be not true. There are numerous studies that support the safety of breast reconstruction in all of its forms.

Komen CSNJ: What does it mean to be board-certified?

Dr. Rose: The American Board of Medical Specialties is the umbrella organization that governs the individual medical and surgical specialty boards. Under this arrangement these boards are able to provide certification to the members of that board who have satisfied rigorous requirements that take many years of dedicated education and practice. Board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery means that the board-certified doctor has taken rigorous written and oral testing after many years of training to satisfy an independent panel of board members that they are competent and safe doctors.

Komen CSNJ: Why are philanthropy and community events like the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Breakfast and the MORE THAN PINK Walk important to The Plastic Surgery Center?

Dr. Rose: A doctor can have all the knowledge and skill in the world but if you cannot educate the public about the options that we can provide to them, then many people may miss out on the wonderful things we can do to restore form and function to a person who has been ravaged by a disease, such as cancer.

We see what this disease does to the individuals with cancer and their families. Recovery from a diagnosis of breast cancer is not about a specific procedure. It is about empowering the women who suffer from breast cancer and to gather all the information they need to conquer the physical, psychological, emotional, and financial impacts of breast cancer. This is our way of helping to bring awareness to all of the other aspects of breast cancer treatment and recovery.

Join Dr. Rose, our panel of plastic surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Center for the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Breakfast at the Asbury Park Press building in Neptune, NJ.

Attend in person or sign up to livestream the event:

This event is sponsored by The Allergan Foundation, Integra Foundation, LOCALiQ and The Plastic Surgery Center.

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Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent & cure breast cancer.

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