Arctic Air Conditioning, Local Business with Family Ties, Gears Up for the MORE THAN PINK Walk

Arctic Air Conditioning Supports the Community in the Fight Against Breast Cancer Each Year

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In the fight against breast cancer, the power of family is astounding. The support, care-giving, advocacy and love that families show to those battling this disease can be empowering and inspiring. Families are so much more than relatives — they can be filled with friends and entire communities that are willing to make an impact.

Arctic Air Conditioning is a family-run business, serving Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset and Ocean Counties since 1977, that specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning, heating, humidification and indoor air quality. Working in people’s homes and businesses, they get to know customers firsthand and see the importance of this kind of community.

“Family is most importantly about supporting one another,” said Ross Albert, owner of Arctic Air Conditioning.

For the first time, the Arctic Air Conditioning family will take part in the culmination of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month at our 2019 MORE THAN PINK Walk on Sunday, November 3 at Six Flags Great Adventure. Here, employees will walk alongside thousands of others who have survived breast cancer, are currently fighting, or have lost their loved ones to this disease, something the Albert family knows too well.

“Breast cancer unfortunately has touched many of our Arctic families,” said Albert. “Personally, I lost my own mother-in-law to breast cancer when she was just 48 years old. We are committed to aligning ourselves with Susan G. Komen to help change the future for our loved ones and customers alike.”

They anticipate coming together with the communities they serve to join the fight against breast cancer.

“We are very excited to be part of the MORE THAN PINK Walk this year,” said Albert. “It gives our company an opportunity to physically come together to learn, raise money and back something that is very important to many of us.”

As a family-focused business, the team is always looking for opportunities to support causes that have impacted their family members, added Albert. Arctic Air Conditioning will be on site at the MORE THAN PINK Walk with a tent as a team and sponsor, coming in full force this year to help us end this disease.

Arctic Air Conditioning spends the entire month of October giving back to the breast cancer cause. In 2018, the business and its employees joined a campaign called #CoveredForTheCause, encouraging customers to leave a review for the business; in return, a donation is made to Susan G. Komen Central and South Jersey. Last year, Arctic Air raised $2,750 for the fight against breast cancer.

“Covered for the Cause was a great opportunity to create an alliance with our customers top spread information and raise money for Susan G. Komen,” said Albert. “It was a chance to put information about Komen CSNJ into every home that we visited for that month.”

Thousands of homes received vital information about breast cancer education and what Komen CSNJ does for the community, Albert added.

“The power of information is key to gaining awareness about breast cancer, and we were able to be a small part of that success,” said Albert. “Of course, the incentive for us to donate money for every review was a wonderful way to get behind this cause.”

Join Arctic Air Conditioning at the MORE THAN PINK Walk and support our action to end breast cancer forever. Register today:

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Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent & cure breast cancer.

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