All About Breast Density: What to Ask Your Doctor

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Breast density is a way to describe the makeup of a woman’s breasts. Dense breasts contain more breast tissue than fatty tissue. Women who have dense breasts have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Younger women tend to have dense breasts. As women get older, their breasts become less dense. Dense breast tissue can look white or light gray on a mammogram. Cancer can also look white or light gray. Because of this, dense tissue can “mask” or “hide” a cancer from view on a mammogram.

Discussing breast density with your healthcare provider can help you understand your risks of developing breast cancer. Below, you’ll find some questions you can bring with you to your physician, or grab this resource card.

Ask Your Doctor:

  • Do I have dense breasts? If so, how do you know?
  • How is breast density measured?
  • What other things might affect the density of my breasts?
  • If my family members have dense breasts, will I have dense breasts too?

If you have dense breasts, you can ask additional questions:

  • What can I do to lower my risk of breast cancer?
  • What screening tests should I get, and how often should I get them?

Here at Komen CSNJ, we are dedicated to ending breast cancer forever, and we are here for those that need guidance, support and help. Visit our website at for more information.

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